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NEW "Moonthly" (monthly at FULL MOON) MUSE-letter started October 20th, so sign up now. They will feature a Crystal, Visionary Art, mini Card Readings, Sah's musings on fascinating topics, and an exclusive offer for moonthly subscribers. These will replace our sporadic newsletter updates of the past with something more juicy and connective. The intention is that you might enjoy learning something or having something affirmed while also having an opportunity to take a wee peek at our latest creations etc.


Sah has fresh (small) batches of her signature oil blends to delight your senses! Natural perfumes in jojoba, diffuser sprays, and pure essential oils. 5ML ROLL ON PERFUME ON SALE! TRY SOMETHING NEW!

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Metaphysical & Wellness or Rock and Gem enthusiast's
for Crystals and Gems 
on Gabriola Island, ferry from Nanaimo