Epic Amethyst cluster with Calcite and Cacoxinite. Considered a "floater", this is a cluster that has not been broken off of a larger crystal/matrix but rather formed completely on its own. This piece will balance standing in multiple ways. Clusters are awesome allies as their energy radiates multidirectionally, typically felt as a stronger 'presence' in a room.

OVER 1KG (the max of our scale, so sorry not to have an accurate weight)

This piece qualifies for free shipping.

Stands 6.25 inches at tallest, approximately 5.5 inches at widest. Somewhat triangular.


AMETHYST supports spiritual upliftment and conscious connection with spirit guides.
It is known for its purification properties and specifically for support through addictions of any kind. It is useful as an energetic shield and for sending and receiving energy.

CALCITE amplifes energy. It assists our learning processes, being very supportive of the mind. It may help lessen fear and reduce stress.

CACOXINITE is an inclusion within a host crystal (Amethyst in this case). It is said to help raise awareness and expand connection, adding particularly regenerative and revitalizing qualities to Amethyst.

Amethyst "floater" Cluster


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