Aquamarine with Smoky Quartz

A large heavy hand-full of Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz, naturally rough-hex shaped. Has a little sparkly mica too.

Approximately 2.5 inches at tallest, and 2 inches across the hexagon.

346 grams.


The frequency of AQUAMARINE is utilized to tune into  the "water element" - be in touch with spirit, the subconscious & deep emotions. Imagine the Divine Feminine. It feels calming & cooling, supportive of a relaxed but alert state. A stone of the throat chakra, inspire clear communication and express truthfully.


Smoky Quartz is prized for its anchoring & protective qualities. It is said to neutralize negative vibes, geopathic stress, and reduce EM smog.

transmute negativity

reduce 'spaciness'

Aquamarine with Smoky Quartz

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