AZENYA Aquamarine Silver Necklace

AZENYA DESIGNS collaboration with Blue Apples Aquamarine. This series of special stones were chosen to represent the Spirits of Water. This naturally hexagon shaped stone is capped on both sides in silver which connects to the durable silver chain.

Small batch hand-crafted in Bali.


This necklace is a little hefty, weighing 21.6 grams (chain included).

Chain length on each side of pendant is about 8.5 inches long, finished with lobster claw clasp. Stone and silver pendant is nearly 1.5 inches wide.


The frequency of AQUAMARINE is utilized to tune into the "water element" - be in touch with spirit, the subconscious & deep emotions. Imagine the Divine Feminine. It feels calming & cooling, supportive of a relaxed but alert state. A stone of the throat chakra, inspire clear communication and express truthfully.

AZENYA Aquamarine Silver Necklace