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Birds of a Feather by Lorin Lindner


Published spring 2018, Lorin Lindner's "Birds of a Feather" A True Story of Hope and the Healing Power of Animals. You can read the article that first introduced her work to us called "What does a parrot know about PTSD"

Lorin Lindner has been helping veterans suffering from trauma and helping animals in desperate need of rescue and sanctuary. 


Here are links to explore what they are up to:  


We purchased these copies directly from Lorin to support her work. Our intention was to raise funds for Greyhaven rescue birds but our shipping bill brought the cost up to full retail - whoops!! Instead, we encourage you to purchase your copy from us and we will send you a 30% DISCOUNT COUPON for our feather jewelry projects (have them shipped with your book or save your coupon for later.)

See our feather jewelry projects raising funds for Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary!!

Birds of a Feather by Lorin Lindner

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