Carnelian Agate Obsidian Tigers Eye Lava knotted necklace

Courage, Balance, Protection, Grounding

A funky mix of Carnelian, faceted and round Indian Agate, Rainbow Obsidian, star-cut and pebble Tigers Eye, and lava beads are hand-knotted with a Jaguar that could be worn in the front or anywhere. Long enough to go over your head so no need for a clasp.

Approximately 27 inches.


CARNELIAN inspires confidence & action, sparking the courage to grow while dispelling passivity. It can be an ally to regain strength after illness. TIGERS EYE offers a balance between extremes, supporting discernment, practicality & promoting fairness. RAINBOW OBSIDIAN supports the journey through darkness into light, offering grounding & protection. INDIAN AGATE helps ground mental energies and cast away fear/worry. LAVA beads add some fun texture and can be used with essential oil (to difuse throughout your day) just rub a drop on lava beads to smell yummy all day.


North Island Wildlife Recovery Center fundraiser. First proceeds were donated in early July (and are ongoing!)

Carnelian Agate Obsidian Tigers Eye Lava knotted necklace