Tigers Eye Agate Petrified Wood knotted necklace

Balance, Grounding, Patience.

A rich combination of Tigers Eye (blue, red, and brown!), faceted and round Indian Agate, and Petrified Wood beads are hand-knotted with a Jaguar that could be worn in the front or anywhere. Long enough to go over your head so no need for a clasp.

Approximately 30 inches.


TIGERS EYE offers a balance between extremes, supporting discernment, practicality & promoting fairness. INDIAN AGATE helps ground mental energies and cast away fear/worry. PETRIFIED WOOD inspires patience, stability, and the ability to recognize that steady growth IS THE WAY! It has a calming energy for inner peace.


North Island Wildlife Recovery Center fundraiser. First proceeds were donated in early July (and are ongoing!)

Tigers Eye Agate Petrified Wood knotted necklace