Gift/Variety tumbled bundle #2

Add to your collection or distribute amongst your loved ones! This is a beautifully balanced 10-piece tumbled crystal and gem pouch. It contains the exact crystals photographed. Jasper, Shungite, Tigers Eye, Serpentine, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Opal, Amazonite, Blue Apatite and Aquamarine.

149 grams total.


RED JASPER is a nurturing protective and grounding ally. SHUNGITE is being used to neutralize harm in the environment (geopathic etc), and provide measurable electromagnetic protection. TIGERS EYE is appreciated for its combination of Solar & Earth energy, offering a balance between extremes. SERPENTINE feels like deep primal feminine grounded sensuality meets forgiveness and self-compassion. EMERALD resonates fully activated heart frequencies of love & loyalty.  LAPIS is thought to assist us to access hidden realms & ancient mysteries within. Befriend PINK OPAL to inspire compassion, hope & great achievement, especially through the resolution of memories. AMAZONITE can be utilized to harmonize your intent with the highest good of All. BLUE APATITE cleanses the mental realm and stimulates visionary states in meditation. AQUAMARINE is calming & cooling, supportive of a relaxed but alert state. A stone of the throat chakra, inspiring clear communication and truthful expression.

Gift/Variety tumbled bundle #2

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