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wildcrafted artisan douglas fir essential oil

100% pure Hand-processed artisan wild-crafted Douglas Fir [Pseudotsuga menziesii] Essential Oil in 30ml blue glass bottle with dropper.


Made by a dear friend Dave Ethier in Osoyoos who is developing his line of oils. He does not have his branding (Wild Horse) complete but his oils are of THE highest medicinal grade and need no frills! He has generously donated Fir oil to support our Temple project, 100%


The Spirit of Fir Tree encourages us to see the bigger picture and rise to the occasion during times of rapid change. It also encourages us to believe in ourselves or our potential contributions.


Analgesic: pain reliever (burns, wounds, painful joints, and sore muscles)

Antiseptic: prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms

Astringent: causing the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues

Antibacterial: preventing the growth or spread of bacteria

Antimicrobial: destroys or stops the growth of microorganisms

Detoxicant: compounds may trigger the body to rid itself of toxins

Antioxidant: fight free radicals

Traditional Uses: headaches, rheumatic joints (pain & swelling), muscle pain, bruises, lungs -chest congestion, flu, sore throats

Skin issues: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, soothes windburn


Seek professional advice for safe therapeutic use and for advice during pregnancy. External use only.

DOUGLAS FIR 30ml Undiluted essential oil

C$160.00 Regular Price
C$120.00Sale Price
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