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Emerald Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace at metaphysical crystal shop

Emerald Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace. This tumbled stone with gorgeous green Emerald hues is highlighted and fastened by copper wire, and hung on a copper chain, all crafted by Sah at Blue Apples.

The chain is long enough to fit over most heads, but still has a lobster claw clasp so that you can choose what length you want it worn on any given day. The chain has some enamelled copper included (the sparse gunmetal looking colour). This necklace is approximately 26 inches long and the pendant is a touch under 1.5 inches long.


The frequency of EMERALD is utilized to inspire and express fully activated heart frequencies. It is a stone of love, loyalty & domestic bliss (whether you are honouring what you have or are drawing this into your life). Befriend Emerald when learning to balance perfect love & trust with protection, and live from the heart aligned to the mind. Qualities of hope, compassion & acceptance are encouraged.


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical shop Canada.

Emerald Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace

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