Enhydro Agate - water inside!

WATER!? Yes, very very very old water became trapped while the stone was forming. These are very special finds.  This one is so full of water that you barely hear the swish when you shake it by your ear, however it is absolutely magical when you shine a bright light through it.

Approximately 2.5 inches across by 1.5 inches. Shaped like a squished ball, fits very nice in the palm of the hand.



ENHYDRO AGATE are attractive to those who have an affinity towards water spirits. They can be stabilizing, helping us to use our emotions for the highest good. Meditate on fluidity, adaptability, flowing with change, and finding courage to start over when necessary.

These agates promote self-acceptance and confidence as well as freedom of expression.


Enhydro Agate - water inside!