Garnet Apatite Larimar knotted necklace

Deeply Feminine strength and confident clear communication.

Sparkly faceted Garnet and Blue Apatite with Larimar pebbles hand-knotted necklace with Jaguar bead (can be worn in the front or wherever!) Long enough to go over your head so no need for a clasp.

Approximately 28 inches.


GARNET is a stone of vitality, endurance,  and security through a strong connection to the physical body. It can be used with intention to dispel negativity, worry & panic. BLUE APATITE cleanses the mental realm, stimulates visionary states, and activates clear communication. LARIMAR's watery frequency is a powerful reflection of the Caribbean Sea, stories of exalted Atlantis, and dolphin wisdom. It has a beautiful feminine quality that may soothe the emotional body and assist with communicating from the heart.


North Island Wildlife Recovery Center fundraiser. First proceeds were donated in early July (and are ongoing!)

Garnet Apatite Larimar knotted necklace