Gift/Variety raw bundle #1

Add to your collection or distribute amongst your loved ones! This is a unique selection of crystals in the raw or rough. 6-piece raw crystal and gem pouch. It contains the exact crystals photographed. Aquamarine, Magnetite, Garnet, Rose Quartz (has ultra-rare crystal formations), Carnelian, and Rutilated Quartz.

91.5 grams total.


AQUAMARINE is calming & cooling, supportive of a relaxed but alert state. A stone of the throat chakra, inspiring clear communication and truthful expression. The frequency of MAGNETITE is grounding & inspires a balanced perspective. It can be utilized to assist realignment of energy flows in the body or Earth. GARNET is a stone of vitality, endurance, security through a strong connection to the physical body. ROSE QUARTZ emanates pure love frequencies, towards Self & All. Helpful when dealing with anger or resentment. CARNELIAN inspires confidence & action, sparking the courage to grow while dispelling passivity. The frequency of RUTILATED QUARTZ magnifes energy and quickens manifestation.

Gift/Variety raw bundle #1

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