Gift/Variety raw bundle #2

Add to your collection or distribute amongst your loved ones! This is a unique selection of crystals in the raw or rough. 6-piece raw crystal and gem pouch. It contains the exact crystals photographed. Blue Kyanite, Emerald, Epidote, Shungite, and Black Tourmaline.

61 grams total.


BLUE KYANITE is recognized as a high vibration that opens & clears channels in intentional body-work. EMERALD inspires conscious living from the heart aligned to the mind. EPIDOTE assists us to embrace positive patterns and to attract what we emanate. SHUNGITE is being used to neutralize harm in the environment (geopathic etc), and provide measurable electromagnetic protection. BLACK TOURMALINE is widely recognized as an ally to ground & cleanse the energy field, and is commonly highly recommendd for Energy Healers for use during sessions & self-care.

Gift/Variety raw bundle #2

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