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Hummingbird natural perfume blend with Rose Quartz OR Amazonite

Perfect for Valentines! And you save 25%
Choose between

Rose Quartz carved tower point standing 2.75 inches tall.

(Emanating pure love frequencies towards Self & All, the frequency of Rose Quartz is helpful when dealing with anger or resentment. Tune into its gentleness & release stress through breath. It is felt as a direct link to the Great Mother, encouraging the spirituality of love. Reprogram your cells for joy and longevity.)


Amazonite in the rough 4.5 inches at longest.

(The frequency of Amazonite can be utilized to harmonize your intent with the highest good of All. Feeling this strong colour soothes the emotions and encourages clear communication. Be a peace-maker.)

with one of 

Sah's Rose Line natural perfume blend of essential oils.

10ml glass roll-on bottle. 


HUMMINGBIRD: Jasmine (grandiflorum absolute) - Rose (otto) Blended by Sah'Rah in jojoba oil with 100% pure essential oils.


An exciting sweet blend of the deep feminine. Feel confident and exotic, sensual, and soft. Enjoy a burst of positivity and emotional support.


I've chosen this blend intuitively/energetically, but at your request we can swap it for any of the other 10ml blends.


using Ashbury's Aromatherapy oils


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical crystal shop Canada.

Hummingbird natural perfume blend with Rose Quartz OR Amazonite

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