AZENYA Labradorite Silver Necklace

AZENYA DESIGNS collaboration with Blue Apples Labradorite. This series of special stones were chosen to represent the Spirits of Water. 

Set in silver, small batch hand-crafted in Bali.

Very colourful flash on this Labradorite and silver pendant with a wide bail that swings on a lovely thin chain finished with a lobster claw clasp.

There are a few subtle imperfections in the stone, it is not polished perfectly smooth in a few areas but this does not take away from the very bright flash.


This necklace weighs 13.4 grams (chain included). Chain length is 19 inches long, the pendant is 1 and 5/8ths inches long and as thick as 1/4 inch front-back.


The frequency of LABRADORITE can be utilized to inspire flashes of insight as well as deep reverence when receiving it. Remember your ability to magically effect the world! Magnify your prayers and intentions with activated clairvoyance, dreams, astral, and recall work.
Feel your connection to and communication with guides & spirits in visionary experiences. A true ally in times of change.

AZENYA Labradorite Silver Necklace

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