Labradorite Slab

Cut & polished (on one face), raw on the other with spectacular colour flash, mostly blue. Crystals can be mischievous when photographing, the only 2 images of this stone that turned out both had whales unintentionally. Definitely some oceanic vibes in this Labradorite!

Approximately 2 inches at longest and averages 0.5 inch thick.  34.6 grams.


The frequency of LABRADORITE can be utilized to inspire flashes of insight as well as deep reverence when receiving it. Remember your ability to magically effect the world! Magnify your prayers and intentions with activated clairvoyance, dreams, astral, and recall work.
Feel your connection to and communication with guides & spirits in visionary experiences. A true ally in times of change.

Labradorite Slab

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