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Mary natural perfume blend With Emerald OR Rhodochrosite

Perfect for Valentines! And you save 25%

choose between

Tumbled Emerald 

(The frequency of Emerald is utilized to inspire and express fully activated heart frequencies. It is a stone of love, loyalty & domestic bliss (whether you are honouring what you have or are drawing this into your life). Befriend Emerald when learning to balance perfect love & trust with protection and live from the heart aligned to the mind. Qualities of hope, compassion & acceptance are encouraged.)


Tumbled Rhodochrosite 

(A precious ally for self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional healing, the frequency of Rhodochrosite is helpful when recovering, reliving and releasing memories of emotional wounding. This stone inspires joy, grace and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.)
To go with one of

Sah's Rose Line natural perfume blend of essential oils.

10ml glass roll-on bottle.


MARY: Palo Santo - Frankincense - Rose (otto)  

Blended by Sah'Rah in jojoba oil with 100% pure essential oils.


A favourite blend that transports into the heart of the sacred temple of Love! This unique combination sings of anciet annointing rituals and can be utilized to support meditative states and initiate into sacred space and timeless mystery.


This blend was chosen intuitively/energetically but at your request we can swap it for any of the 10ml blends.


using Ashybury's Aromatherapy oils.


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical crystal shop Canada.

Mary natural perfume blend With Emerald OR Rhodochrosite

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