Parrot Feather Earrings on chains

4 brilliantly colourful but simple parrot feathers (African Grey and unidentified) on simple short copper and enamelled copper chains. 
Ear-hole to feather-tip = 5.25 inches.

Cleaned very well and treated with cedar oil.

Antiqued gold-plated (over brass) fishhooks. Reverse feather colour is red/grey.  



  • We donate at least 50% to the rescue parrots who naturally molted the feathers, in the care of Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
  • Have your own feathers? Sah'Rah welcomes custom work, as well as feather donations from your feathered friends
  • Wholesale inquiries welcomed

Parrot Feather Earrings on chains

  • Proper care of your feathers will preserve them indefiniately. We recommend hanging them rather than leaving them flat to collect dust. Treating them occasionally with cedar oil will ensure no mites destroy them.


    Life happens! Being rough with feathers can cause them to tear in some situations. Send us your repairs and we will do what's possible to extend your jewelry's life-span.