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Priestess Special 4-bottle Set

Do you LOVE to change your scent to fit your mood? Are you an annointing specialist? For those who cant pick just one, or two, take four!


5ml glass Roll-on bottles for easy application. (Stainless steel ball)

Blended by Sah'Rah in jojoba oil with 100% pure essential oils from Ashbury's Aromatherapy in Vancouver.


One each of 4 blends...
Hummingbird: Jasmine (grandiflorum absolute) - Rose (otto) 
An exciting sweet blend of the deep feminine. Feel confident and exotic, sensual, and soft. Enjoy a burst of positivity and emotional support.


Raven: Cedar - Sage - Rose (otto)

A purifying blend to calm the nerves yet quicken the senses. Much like walking through a freshly rained-on forest on the coast where we live, where you would hear the calls of Raven. Acts as a wonderful replacement to sage smudging when smoke is not ideal. 


Soul-stice: Vetiver - Lavender - Rose (otto) 

An earthy and grounding, yet sweet blend intended to inspire release and relaxation.  Step confidently into the mystery!! Sink into the fruitful darkness with a cheshire cat's grin.


Mary: Palo Santo - Rose (otto) - Frankincense 

Transports into the heart of the sacred temple of Love! This unique combination sings of anciet annointing rituals and can be utilized to support meditative states and initiate into sacred space and timeless mystery.

Priestess Special 4-bottle Set

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