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Raven blend 5ml roll-on -CEDAR SAGE ROSE

One might consider this to be Blue Apples' signature blend.
Raven: Cedar - Sage - Rose (otto) Blended by Sah'Rah in jojoba oil with 100% pure essential oils.

Now available in tiny 5ml roll on bottles. (Stainless steel ball)

A purifying blend to calm the nerves yet quicken the senses. Much like walking through a freshly rained-on forest on the coast where we live, where you would hear the calls of Raven.

Acts as a wonderful replacement to sage smudging when smoke is not ideal. May help soothe itchy skin, and ease menstrual problems. The sweetness of Rose assists with emotional sadness and loss.


Ashbury's Aromatherapy oils

Raven blend 5ml roll-on -CEDAR SAGE ROSE

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