Rose and Clear Quartz with Amazonite knotted necklace

Harmonize with your Celestial Queen

Chunky Quartz beads add some weight to this soft and shiney beauty! Matte Amazonite (light blue/touch of yellow/orange) and Rose Quartz beads dance with Clear Quartz, hand-knotted. Dangly gold-finished stars are a fun focal. Long enough to go over your head so no need for a clasp.

Approximately 27 inches long, plus pendant is nearly 2 inches long with stars.


QUARTZ is a magnifier of energy and intention. ROSE QUARTZ emanates pure love frequencies, towards Self & All. Tune into its gentleness & release stress through breath. It is felt as a direct link to the Great Mother. AMAZONITE harmonizes intent, inspires clear communication, and soothes emotions.


North Island Wildlife Recovery Center fundraiser. First proceeds were donated in early July (and are ongoing!)

Rose and Clear Quartz with Amazonite knotted necklace