Rose (otto) 10% in Jojoba 10ml

RETURNING SOON in smaller 5ml roller.

10ml Pure Rose Otto essential oil, a 10% dilution in jojoba oil (this is stronger than our typical blends intended for personal perfume purposes, but can still be used on the body).  Pure Rose oil is very expensive, think of all of those Rose fields in that tiny bottle!  A 10% dilution is a wonderful way to utilize the beauty of Rose at much more affordable price.

Rose is unparalleled in its beauty and scent. As an age old symbol of love, it is not surprising that the oil has a substantial balancing effect on the heart. Rose oil enlivens the spirit! It comforts and refreshes, addressing heartache, sorrow and other psychological pain. A deep loving aphrodisiac. 1 drop on the wrist will linger all day. Skin care: It is a great cellular rejuvenator. Recommended for wrinkles, dryness eczema and sensitive skin.


Ashybury's Aromatherapy oils.

Seek professional advice for use during pregnancy.

Rose (otto) 10% in Jojoba 10ml