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This kit is for encouraging your connection to Earth through her magnificent creatures.  It started with the Animal-Speak Pocket Guide by Ted Andrews, a quick reference tool for tuning into your visions/dreams/personal encounters with various animals.  For example...


Parrot reads: (diplomacy) Develop and use power of speech for success.  Be diplomatic in your activities.  New understanding of others is coming.


The Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards are paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet with information printed on the opposite side of the card of animals from around the world and mythical ponderings.  No oracle interpretations, but you can allow what resonates to inspire.  The paintings themselves carry so much knowledge!


An abalone shell provides a dreamy connection to Mamma Ocean, filled with white buffalo sage you may choose to burn in the shell with a simple leather-wrapped Macaw feather to fan yourself.  Smudging is a simple ritual of cleansing, I recommend experiencing this outside to assist you in grounding and opening to some wild animal encounters!


I include a naturally molted parrot feather from a rescue bird at Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary who rescued hundreds of precious parrots from the Coombs refuge in 2016.  My feather creations raise funds for their continued support, I will make a donation from this box sale.  


The stones were chosen for their supportive qualities of shamanic awareness, befriending animal and spirit allies, and general grounding and they are pocket-sized for your coming adventures!


Nuummite helps us release subconscious energies and attune to the elementals in altered states.  Chrysoprase feels like essence of condensed Nature-Diva !  Red Jasper and Leopardskin Jasper are included for Earth-Mama connection/integration of Self AS Nature.   ADDED Rainforest Rhyolite awakens awareness that we are not separate from the world of animals/plants/minerals!!!


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"Spirit Animal" kit


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