Spirit Quartz cluster ONE

AKA Fairy or Cactus Quartz


ONE gorgeous cluster of beyond sparkly Spirit Quartz with at least 2 larger points alongside the precious tiny points that Spirit Quartz is famous for. Some iron present, making a little Citrine sprinkled in.


Approximately 2 inches at longest. ULTIMATE sparkles!

Each piece weighs 23-30 grams. This listing is for ONE of the 3 crystals photographed. Please inform us which one is your favourite if you have one.


Spirit Quartz/Fairy Quartz/Cactus Quartz is a special form of Amethyst (in this case) attributed to peace & purification, merging with higher self, bringing spirit into play with all aspects of life. See if you can tune into its shielding qualities (etheric). Assists with freedom from fear and receiving guidance.

Spirit Quartz cluster ONE