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malachite crystals

Malachite is an easily recognizable stone, its dramatic green colour is due to its high copper content. Often displaying a variety of green-coloured bands and bubbly eye-shaped features, Malachite's beauty has been valued for thousands of years. With evidence that it was mined in Egypt over 6000 years ago, Malachite has an earthy elegance in jewelry and amulets and it has been found lining the inside of Pharaohs' headdresses, suggesting its energetic properties were acknowledged and sought beyond the appearance of the stone. Ground Malachite was used in antiquity as a green pigment for paint prior to synthetics and as a cosmetic eyeshadow. Though undeniably beautiful, these practices can be hazardous to health as the copper content of the dust is toxic to breathe. It is safe to use Malachite in its polished form, but it is unwise to make elixirs of this stone.

A dense and non-transparent stone, Malachite is a purifier of the environment and emotions, reminding us that these are intimately connected. A wonderful ally in connecting to Earth Mother, Malachite assists us in grounding, and stabilizing during times of change, confronting fears or expressing our truths. It tends to draw emotions to the surface and supports the heart in releasing old trauma.

My experience has shown its potency for such healing work and I recommend staying with the emotional process once started. There is often much more associated with our emotions, that which is unknown or unseen to the conscious mind, than we realize until it comes up and we must face it. When working with this powerful stone, remember this; and if you become overwhelmed, dig your feet into the soil or walk barefoot in the forest with gratitude for the human ability to feel such depths. Remember to cleanse your Malachite regularly and take breaks from wearing it if need be.


This stone has been dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi and associated so greatly as to be used to assist animal communication. It encourages the expression of feelings, is of benefit in shy situations and supports us in realizing that we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Befriend Malachite when you are feeling fear of being seen or confronted; it may help you find the inner strength to be all that you are.

Malachite's emerald-green magic works with the heart chakra and can be utilized as a bridge between the root and the heart, helping us feel secure about our feelings, no matter how wild we may at times judge them to be. Physically, Malachite is helpful for arthritis, swollen joints, broken bones, and radiation sickness. It is helpful for feminine sexual problems, menstrual cramping, and protection and ease during childbirth.

malachite heart

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