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Selenite (calcium sulfate dihydrate) is a crystal form of gypsum, occurring as either transparent and colourless (or very subtly coloured) or as needle-like fibrous shimmering opaque crystals. Selenite does not contain significant amounts of selenium, but rather both substances were named from the Ancient Greek word for the moon. Some ancients believed that certain transparent crystals waxed and waned with the moon.

selenite crystal

Due to its linear crystal structure, Selenite is similar to fiber optics. When light is directed through this mineral it is transmitted down the length of the crystal. Find yourself a flashlight and a wand-like specimen of Selenite and have some fun in the dark! Much like this physical property, Selenite allows energy to be directed into the body/energy system and works to dissolve blockages which when left unchecked manifest into disease.

It has the ability to flow light into us and the situations we choose to aim our attention to. We can even cleanse or amplify other crystals by pointing Selenite along with our intention at them or by placing them on top of a larger piece. Selenite is revered by many crystal workers for the potency of its light and tendency to cleanse the mental processes. Whereas quartz will amplify any energy, positive or negative, Selenite shines purity into dark places and thoughts and can be a really wonderful companion through stressful times. It helps us flick on a light switch in our subconscious mind, lightening up darkness and density we can carry that we aren't even aware of.

Selenite works profoundly on opening the crown chakra. Hold or place a piece on top of your head to experiment - tickling tingles often accompany a sensation of light behind the eyes. Crow opening results in deepening spiritual connections from guides, angels, Source/Creator/God, and your own higher self.

Selenite has a palpable bridging energy to it. Follow your awareness down the linearity of Selenite and you may find yourself observing another place and time or world from an atered state of consciousness. It is an excellent tool for visualizations and meditations and for holding or placing under your pillow while you sleep, to ask for messages. An excellent gridding ally, use Selenite to energetically connect point or to direct energy.

Great care is required to keep Selenite in pristine condition. Most pieces are soft enough to carve into with your fingernail. do not store your Selenite with other stones when there is a risk that they can bang against each other. Also consider alternate cleansing techniques to water. Selenite has a high water content itself and so fragile pieces can begin to disintegrate.

Naica Selenite Caves

The most notable known locality of this mineral is in Naica, Mexico, where caves have been discovered bearing some of the world's largest crystals. Mind-blowing giants are over 500,000 years old, 55 tons, and 35 feet long!

selenite palm stone

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