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Hematite is the mineral form of Iron Oxide, composed of two elements key in our lives, iron and oxygen. It is commonly recognized in its tumbled form for its stunning, shiny metallic black and silver mirroring qualities. Its name, however, is derived from the Latin Haimatites Lithos (blood red stone), because in its powdered or sedimentary form it is actually red.

tumbled hematite

Historically this pigment in a clay or sandy mineral form known as Red Ochre, has been used extensively for over 300,000 years on rock art, as body paint, in burial ceremonies and healing applications.

Hematite is very grounding and encourage our connection with this planet we call home. Simply holding it and feeling its weight in your hand is a simple effective technique to begin to relieve tension and stress. With my mind's eye I imagine the gentle pull of Hematite guiding me down to the center of the Earth, where I can find and align my center with that of the planet. This visualization coupled with some conscious breathing is a wonderful way to set a foundation for deeper meditation.

Hematite works with the root chakra at the base of our spines, helping us feel secure, confident, and boosting our survival instincts. By this I'm referring to true survival, helping us to let go of all the details we may have thought are needed in our lives that are quite simply not required. This crystal ally inspires courage and endurance while also helping to protect from dense energies. When we truly feel safe, stable and centered, then we can allow the higher mind to come online, activating original thought and enhancing memory and concentration.

Another form of grounding that Hematite encourages is for us to inhabit our form, that is the body, deeper. Bring your spirit in, all of it. You can still navigate the stars and beyond from the comfort of your body. Truly, we must fully incarnate our whole Selves to really see what natural abilities we humans are gifted with, and then the real fun begins. Hematite reminds me to simplify, and remember the abundance of joy available in every single moment...only when we are present in our bodies. Most people feel energetic effects of this stone even if they generally haven't developed a sensitivity to crystals. Hematite has a strong purifying effect on our blood. If you feel headachy working with Hematite, consider this may be a cleansing symptom and drink more water. It is said that Hematite benefits circulation, anemia and the formation of red blood cells. I can imagine that i may have something to do with its curious magnetic properties.

I suggest that if you seek to explore and befriend Hematite, you acquire it from a reliable source, as there are a number of synthetic stones widely available being sold as 'magnetic hematite'. Although these may look visually identical, they actually have quite different energy. Natural Hematite exhibits more complex magnetic properties that the common understanding and observation of a magnet, so a general rule of thumb when seeking Hematite in its natural form is that, if the stones are sticking together with a strong magnetic attraction, they are most likely synthetic.

Hematite helps us heal and recuperate from physical as well as emotional disruptions, supports the kidneys, stimulate regeneration and calms the mind. What a wonderful addition it is to your energetic first aid medicine pouch.

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