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Visionary Art Animals by Andrea Dawn
Visionary Art Animals by Andrea Dawn


($33 smaller prints)
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Visionary Art Animals by Andrea Dawn
bear cubs
Sah and Andrea

Andrea & Sah             are kindred souls who share a deep appreciation for beauty, and a tremendous love of animals. We have teamed up to raise funds and attention for The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre. Their mission is “to care for ill, injured and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public on wildlife and environmental issues,” and are located in Errington BC. You can visit them in person or online.  FACEBOOK PAGE


Following our mutual excitement, we offer you Visionary Art Animals to generate abundance and flow a special river of appreciation to the Wild Ones. 

We hope you will be inspired with us to remember to be giving of love and attention to the animals of our world - They truly define life on Earth!! May this art help to bring generous awareness and gratitude to the humans whose lives are dedicated in service to caring for Animals.

 Andrea Dawn has an incredible talent for creating vast portals of art whereby Spirit can communicate to those who listen. What are the animals whispering in your ear today? 

Many blessings to the Wild...and the Wild in You!

Choose your own art print at Blue Apples (Gabriola Island) or visit Andrea's website.

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