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Using Crystals and Gems for Healing Purposes

​How Do I Choose a Crystal?


When befriending crystals and gems on your healing journey, trust your intuition. You will be attracted to a frequency that you resonate with, or that your spirit longs to be "more akin to". It might be the colour that draws you in, or the shape, or perhaps some of the qualities that we list as commonly accepted. These properties are by no means all-inclusive, and crystals can and do often exhibit energies which are individually unique.


One aspect to be aware of is the colour correspondence to the Chakra-system. White/Clear - Crown, Purple/Indigo - Third Eye, Blue/Turqouise - Throat, Green/Pink - Heart, Yellow - Solar Plexus, Orange - Sacral, Red/Brown/Black - Root.


How do they work / How do I use them?


Simply put, different crystals vibrate at different frequencies (as do other objects or beings). Look into their atomic structure for clues. Remember that they have been formed by the Earth sometimes MILLIONS of years ago, and have "witnessed" life on our planet since then. What might they "know" that their essence can share with us? Keep them in your environment or on your body, where they can influence your energetic being.


Care and Cleansing of Your Crystals


Your stones may need physical & energetic cleansing, as they may take on dense or unwanted energies. Some are far more fragile, so be careful. Running water over or soaking in water is both physically & energetically cleansing, however, soft minerals like Selenite, especially small delicate pieces may be compromised by moisture. Salt water, being in the moonlight, sunlight, or using incense or sage are beautiful ways to cleanse (just like us!) Your intention, communicated to your crystals, is enough...but we humans thrive with and love our rituals!    


Remember many crystals can be broken or damaged if dropped or knocked against each other, so be careful.

Utilize the same techniques while caring for crystal and gemstone jewelry.

Crystals Store Information


One way to work with crystals consciously is to "program" them with your intention or with certain energies. For example, a crystal you choose to hold while meditating might be programmed to assist stillness of mind. Or a stone that you wish to assist in your healing practice of self or others, might be "programmed" by time spent in a particular element or location. Sah'Rah's example is her "water stones", a pouch of various small crystals that were worn while swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii. These stones now radiate the healing qualities of water, AND quite tangibly feel connected to dolphins!


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