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Blue Apples
Events & Appearances

Wellness & Spirit Fair Nanaimo Saturday May 13, 2023

Cavallotti Hall 2160 E. Wellington Rd., Nanaimo 10 AM - 5 PM

Crystal Mission.png

Let us know if you're ready for our next mission, we tend to book it when we have had new requests.

I hunt at my supplier's for the perfect stone(s) to suit your intentions, projects, etc. Best prices of the year, I work within your budget, none too small nor too big. Guaranteed to love what turns up!


Examples of past missions:

"an assortment of bulk tumbled stones for resale/wire wrapping"

"flat pieces of Larimar for commissioned jewelry"

"A blue stone to focus my intention of clearer communication"

"a very large Black Obsidian sphere"

"a Quartz altar centerpiece for dance temple"

"a large welcoming piece for my new home's entryway"

"an Amethyst geode for every table at my wedding"

"a grounding ally that I can hold and really feel its weight"

..."something that whispers my name" I kid not, and it sure did whisper loud!

Let's talk!!

A deposit, budget range, stone size/shape/form (if relevant), and any specific details you want me to start with must be received by August 21. Your crystal(s) can be shipped or picked up as early as August 24th.

Full deposit returned if I do not find what you were seeking (this can happen with really specific missions), or if you do not like what I have chosen (has yet to happen in 10 years).

Sah'Rah has a keen eye for beauty and a natural intuitive way with crystals, helping to connect people with new favourite allies joyfully and with clear energy.


Occasionally crystals and gems, gemstone jewelry, parrot feather jewelry, etc may be available to purchase at other retailers. 

Currently there are none to report. If you would like to carry some of our treasures please contact us.

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