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Amethyst LARGE stand-up point

Breathtaking Amethyst point that stands up with a carved flat base. The largest one we currently have. These crystals from Brazil are mind-bending, each has a crystal growing within, though can be tough to spot. Some Smoky Quartz accompanies the Amethyst. The real mystery is the rainbow holographic patterns on the cut base! Stands nearly 8 inches tall. The base is about 2.5 inches across at widest. Very unique crystal protruding from the side showing "the crystal within".

2069 grams (2.07kg).

AMETHYST is a widely used ally to those seeking assistance with purification and support through addiction. It seems to lift the spirit, and inspire a more conscious connection with spirit guides. Experiment with it (and your intention) as an energetic shield or for sending and receiving energy.


Smoky Quartz is prized for its anchoring & protective qualities. It is said to neutralize negative vibes, geopathic stress, and reduce EM smog.

Amethyst LARGE stand-up point

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