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Amethyst peridot garnet rainbow obsidian necklace

Beautiful Peridot necklace (Silver pendant)  strung with Garnet, Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst and Rainbow Obsidian beads on thick cotton cord knotted with no clasp. Approximately 24 inches long.


PERIDOT offers heart-opening motivation to effect positive change. GARNET is a stone of vitality, endurance, and security through a strong connection to the physical body. It can be used with intention to dispel negativity, worry & panic and boost psychic protection. AMETHYST is a stone of spiritual upliftment, purification & support through addiction that is useful as an energetic shield. RAINBOW OBSIDIAN supports the journey through darkness into light, offering grounding & protection.


Amethyst Peridot Garnet & Rainbow Obsidian Necklace

C$111.00 Regular Price
C$90.00Sale Price
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