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Blue Apatite crystal

Very raw chunk of Blue Apatite with 3+ geometrical sides and each really reflects the light. Blue Apatite forms in such a way that it "pretends" to be a beryl, almost creating a hexagonal shape but not quite getting there. This piece is the closest I have ever seen to getting there! It has a really lovely smooth "thumb groove".


This chunk has not been thouroughly washed but has had a touch of mineral oil rubbed in to bring out some of the blue colour. We find that even from the natural oils in your skin, if you touch your rock a lot you will find that the colour pops more. Experiment with applying more mineral oil or any vegetable oil, just a dab.


Approximately 3 inches at longest. Approximately 2.75 inch barrel shape.

423 grams.


The frequency of BLUE APATITE is utilized to cleanse the mental realm, stimulate visionary states, and activate clear communication.

Blue Apatite raw

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