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Cedarwood (Atlas) 5ml Undiluted essential oil

100% pure Cedarwood essential oil UNDILUTED.  

Cedrus Atlantica (Morocco)

A rustic, woody scented oil that is used to calm nervousness, fear, alleviate anger, aggression and provide stability. A strong antiseptic that is effective for bronchial and kidney infections. Supports breathing and clears nasal passages. Astringent properties assist with oily hair and dandruff. Provides an effective chest massage for coughs.


We use and recommend Cedar for protection of feathers from mites!


Please respect the potency of PURE ESSENTIAL OILS!!  Dilution is necessary for safe body application.  Seek professional advice for safe therapeutic use.

Best to avoid during pregnancy.


Provided by Ashbury's Aromatherapy

Cedarwood (Atlas) 5ml Undiluted essential oil

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