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dolphin visionary art animals by Andrea Dawn at metaphysical crystal shop canada

DOLPHIN Visionary Art Animals digital art print by Andrea Dawn of Nanaimo, BC.


Start or add to your collection! We will be adding 3 prints per week to our Featured Artist's Creations until we have the entire collection shown. Show your love for Andrea's work and perhaps she will dream up some new animals for us!


• Stunning high resolution 7x10 Art Print
• Giclée printing quality

• Artwork that is perfect for adorning sacred spaces, alters, crystal grids and more.

• We recommend exploring this artwork under black light too!


Our price includes shipping. This print will be shipped to you from Blue Apples within a protective plastic cover and in a flat cardboard envelope. If you are ordering other items (such as crystals etc.) please note that your art print(s) will be shipped separately so they do not get damaged.


Would you like a print shipped to a friend? Simply let us know the address you'd like us to send to!


Totemic Musings by Sah:

  • Dolphins use radar to navigate their ocean realm and have a very sophisticated language system that is unforgettable to anyone blessed to have met them. They are often associated with Sound and the healing benefits of music.
  • Dolphins are widely known to show mercy and protection by coming to the rescue in dire situations at sea, even to carry people through the water to safety. They seem to have a fondness for humans, and will visit swimmers playfully even in the wild. Their curiosity and desire to connect and play is profound.
  • Dolphin's ability to swim with ease through even rough waters makes them a symbol of grace, freedom, and harmony.
  • Dolphins are known for their intelligence, empathy and self-awareness, with many studying their incredible mental capabilities and honouring their intelligence as rivaling humans and great apes.
  • Dolphins exhibit a high degree of cooperation and teamwork among pod members, making them a worthy symbol of friendship. They strengthen social bonds with much play.
  • There are associations of Dolphins to the Sirius star system, and many star-seed humans connect Dolphins with a familiar yet extra-terrestrial consciousness and energy.


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical crystal shop on Gabriola Island, in BC, Canada.

DOLPHIN Visionary Art Animals print by Andrea Dawn

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