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emf defense shield orgonite artwork orgone generator at metaphysical crystal shop canada

EMF Defense shield art, with a cuteness factor off the charts! Made by Resin8 of Parksville BC.


Designed to protect from EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) such as those created by modem devices etc. Place your shield between your body and your moden, computer, tv, etc.
Approximately 340 grams. 6.75 inches by 5 inches and just over 1 inch at thickest where the eye protrudes.


Includes the following crystals: Shungite, Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Citrine, and various metals in resin.

Wooden easle stand included.


The making of orgonite involves pouring resin over metal shavings and crystals to create a solid, compact matrix. As the resin cures, the metals and crystals are set in place, forming a durable (and intentional) shape with beautiful (and very intentional) patterns.

The metals attract and accumulate negative (low vibration, stagnant energy) while the crystals harness positive energy (high vibration) and amplify it. The resin continuously generates an energetic charge. This dynamic combination facilitates a constant flow and balancing of energy, as negative energy is transmuted into life-affirming energy.


Orgone energy is a concept that was introduced by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who proposed the existence of a universal life force that he called "orgone energy." There's so much info online for the curious minds.


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical crystal shop Canada.

EMF Defense/Modem Shield Snail Art by Resin8

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