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KRISHNA Vetiver Cedarwood Halamadi incense

Made in India by Prabhuji's Gifts. 10 sticks.
This exotic stick incense is hand-rolled by artisans in India’s cottage industry and blended in accordance to ancient traditional wisdom. This fragrance features a rare and natural resin found only in a small part of India while woody and earthy tones bring you to the here and now, effortlessly creating a spiritual atmosphere.

Aroma: This scent features Halmadi, Vetiver, and Cedarwood.

Intention: Burn this incense to create a pure and spiritual atmosphere, to deepen devotion to something higher than oneself, or to facilitate meditation and concentration.

Name explanation: Krishna is the embodiment of the divine who bestows an eternal wisdom that destroys all misery. With the captivating sounds of his flute he captivates the hearts and still the minds of the embodied souls and thus brings them to his spiritual realm to relish with him the eternal bliss.

Why customers love it: This earthy, sweet ’n sour mixture of vetiver, cedarwood and halmad resin is gentle, soothing and relaxing. It brings the crispness, silence and mystery of the forests into one’s place.  Herbs, flowers and resins are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood, combined in accordance to ancient traditional wisdom. This line of incense is designed as a fragrant offering to a higher power, a spiritual practice that deepens one’s devotion while reveling in its enchanting fragrance.

KRISHNA Vetiver Cedarwood Halamadi incense

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