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Matsya Rose Jasmine Incense by Prabhuji's Gifts at metaphysical crystal shop

Matsya Jasmine Rose Tulasi incense.

Made in India by Prabhuji's Gifts. 10 sticks.


This exotic stick incense is hand-rolled by artisans in India’s cottage industry and blended in accordance with ancient traditional wisdom. This unique and natural blend has an earthy yet floral fragrance that creates a spiritual atmosphere.

Aroma: This scent features Jasmine, Rose, and Vetiver.

Intention: Burn this incense to create a pure and spiritual atmosphere, to deepen devotion to something higher than oneself, or to facilitate meditation and concentration.

Attributes: This unique blend features the floral notes of jasmine and rose but notes from sandalwood and vetiver, a perennial grass also known as “khus,” bring sacred and grounding elements to this fragrance.

Name explanation: Matsya is the fish avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is the form of the divine that appeared on earth to save the world from the great flood.

Why customers love it: Sensual rose and jasmine flowers are mixed with the gentle spice of Tulasi leaves to create an authentic holy scent. This traditional Indian fragrance will take you back in time to the beautiful temples of ancient India. Herbs, flowers and resins are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood, combined in accordance with ancient traditional wisdom. 

Manufacturing process: Made from natural ingredients consisting of a unique variety of herbs, flowers, resins, pure oils and pure sandalwood. These are blended together into a paste and hand rolled onto a thin bamboo stick, according to ancient traditional wisdom, in a sustainable manner by artisans in India’s cottage country, providing employment to rural villagers. An auditor ensures there is no child labor.


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical crystal shop Canada.

MATSYA Jasmine Rose Tulasi incense by Prabhuji's Gifts

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