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Obsidian with Iron sphere 2.5 inch

There is some debate as to what this stone is. It has freshly entered the market in the past few years as "Tourmaline with Hematite" however when you see a raw piece and notice how it formed it becomes apparent that it is not Tourmaline. My supplier of this sphere even calls it Tourmaline, but I and another supplier of mine disagree. The red streaks are certainly Iron (Hematite).


This sphere is 2.5 inches and weighs 288 grams.

1.25 inch acrylic stand included.


The frequency of Obsidian with Iron is very grounding and protective. It helps us to dispel self-judgement & self-sabotage. Obsidian is a stone of transmutation and shadow-work, and enhances spirit communication. It transmutes negativity from the environment & body and strengthens blood and supports detox.

Obsidian with Iron sphere 2.5 inch

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