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polar bear visionary art animals andrea dawn crystal shop

POLAR BEAR Visionary Art Animals digital art print by Andrea Dawn of Nanaimo, BC.


Start or add to your collection! We will be adding 3 prints per week to our Featured Artist's Creations until we have the entire collection shown. Show your love for Andrea's work and perhaps she will dream up some new animals for us!


• Stunning high resolution 7x10 Art Print
• Giclée printing quality

• Artwork that is perfect for adorning sacred spaces, alters, crystal grids and more.

• We recommend exploring this artwork under black light too!


Our price includes shipping. This print will be shipped to you from Blue Apples within a protective plastic cover and in a flat cardboard envelope. If you are ordering other items (such as crystals etc.) please note that your art print(s) will be shipped separately so they do not get damaged.


Would you like a print shipped to a friend? Simply let us know the address you'd like us to send to!


Totemic Musings by Sah:

  • Polar Bear obviously holds a special place in the lives of the Inuit people. They consider them to be powerful and wise beings,  who protect and sustain their communities. To them, the Polar Bear helps to maintain the balance of the Arctic environment and is a guardian of nature.
  • Bears in general symbolize bravery/courage, strength, and protection based on their impressive stature.
  • Polar Bears do not hibernate in the same way as Brown Bears. Only the pregnant female bears take a shorter and less deep (easily disturbed) hibernation period, and they wake to give birth!
  • Polar Bears symbolize resilience, with their ability to survive in one of the harshest environments on earth, The Arctic. Like other white animals, they are revered symbols of purity, spiritual power, and wisdom.


All items ship from Blue Apples metaphysical crystal shop on Gabriola Island, in BC, Canada.

POLAR BEAR Visionary Art Animals print by Andrea Dawn

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