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Smoky citrine crystal

Natural Citrine can often be found in a "Smoky" variety. "Vibrated" rather than "tumbled", this special Smoky Citrine point has retained much of its natural shape but all edges are now smooth. It even has the "window" formation shape still visible. Smoky golden colour is stunning!

1.75 inches long, and just under 1 inch thick.

20.7 grams 

Smoky Quartz is prized for its anchoring & protective qualities. It is said to neutralize negative vibes, geopathic stress, and reduce EM smog. CITRINE is a stone of manifestation and will, prosperity and abundance. It is often associated with the Solar Plexus and solar energy, activating clear creative impulses and decisiveness.


We have many other pieces smaller and larger currently unlisted, if you can't visit us in person you are welcome to ask for more info.

Smoky Citrine (natural) vibrated

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