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lapis lazuli stones

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock composed of multiple minerals that has been used as a gem, pigment, and ornamental material for thousands of years. To be considered such, it must have a distinctly blue colour and contain at least 25% Lazurite (blue). Calcite (white) is usually the 2nd most abundant mineral, and most Lapis will include starry flecks of Pyrite. Lapis is classed isometric and has a hardness of 3-6.5 on the Mohs scale.

LAPIS LAZULI is utilized to stimulate visionary awareness & heighten meditation. It resonates with the authentic inner King or Queen within us. It is thought to assist us to access hidden realms & ancient mysteries within. Intellectual abilities, better learning & teaching, and stimulating past-life memories are attributes of Lapis.

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