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for Healing Crystals and Gems 
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Blue Apples distributes & facilitates many facets of "Vibrational Medicine"


Sound Healing - tools for your practice, and sessions with us

Crystals & Gems - mineral kingdom allies

Plant Essence / Scent -essential oil blends & incense

Visionary Art -our true nature expressed                                      All experienced through the evolutionary lens of the Beauty Way


"Vibrational Medicine" refers to our acknowledgement at Blue Apples that everything has a frequency / everything has a 'sound', and we are influenced greatly by the environments we put ourselves in; the people, places, things we surround ourselves with we can begin to 'vibrate to'.  By tapping into the realms of the crystal kingdom, the plant kingdom through scent, consciousness itself through sound, and inspiration from art, the often more "subtle" energetic awarenesses can be expanded into quantum holographic teachings and beneficial influences. Tune In. Alliances are formed.  Our senses are our allies.  Even (especially) those extra-senses whose names we have all but forgotten.


We at Blue Apples, offer to you our community, access to items of positive influence that we ourselves utilize in our own lives to support our own healing....which come to think of it, is simply our own LIVING harmoniously with a deep appreciation of the Mystery.



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