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Musings on the invitation to experience Frequency Healing with us

As you begin to book up your fun summer activities, please have a looksie at what we are so blessed to offer our extended community in the realms of empowering, nurturing, energetically clearing & recharging, amplifying ceremonial sound/frequency journeys in VICTORIA. We are bringing our gifts of sound & music (-our human technology) into an EE SYSTEM - creating an extraordinary technologically produced beneficial bio-active energetic field to rest within. It produces scalar waves and bio-photonics, where EMFs are nullified or transmuted into a clean energetic environment that allows our cells to recharge back up to an optimal voltage. Remember - we are energetic beings. When the body experiences an environment free of modern radiation, electromagnetic smog, detrimental electronics etc. it functions differently. Some of us almost never experience such a space, or not often. Think center of the rainforest or out in the middle of the ocean? Yet still, our modern conveniences interrupt the connection of our bodies to the natural world around us that is designed to rejuvenate us from the inside out. What if even right in the middle of the city we can take a serious energetic time out? NOW WE CAN! And not just time out, but total recharge. What has us driving 3 hours from our quiet island sanctuary to Victoria for rejuvenation?! Quanta Healing and Vitality opened in January and are offering 24-unit EE System experiences in their professional, comfortable, and accessible center. Zero-Gravity chairs, recliners, blankets... do you know any therapies that encourage napping? This one does! As you know, healing is a journey and actually a way of life. There are no quick fixes or cure-alls. But there are options for us to explore that can provide nourishment, assistance, and sweet relief on our path. We have discovered that the EE System is a powerful ally, and one that can ultimately empower us to take our self-care more seriously and really learn that healing is always an inside job. "The power that makes the body heals the body" teaches Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the inventor of the EE System. Our bodies have miraculous innate healing capabilities built right in, but in today's world we need to ensure we have the energy to operate as we were designed to. We see this technology being ultra-supportive to add to regular maintenance regimens such as sauna, cleansing, massage, retreats, ceremonies, etc. We bring our music and prayerful space-holding into this optimal energetic environment which is nourishing on its own. Your mind can let go and drift on the music while we swoon you deeper into whatever feelings need to arise for a greater balance, alignment, and recalibration ultimately led by your own highest self. You can feel held in this field of amplified love through whatever energies and emotions may arise. As we continue to learn in this realm, stuck or repressed emotions seem to hold us in patterns that become dis-ease.

Links to continue learning about EE System and our session dates can be found at


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