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AnSah EE System Sound & Frequency Healing at Quanta March 9th

André & Sah'Rah are AnSah.

Deep, joyous, prayerful music to ignite a ceremonious celebration of humans Being! We have offered monthly Sound journeys at Quanta since May 2023, and are thoroughly enjoying the combination of the EE System scalar & biophotonic technology with the loving sacred space we create with intentional sound and music.


Imagine... dropping into an optimal meditative state as quickly as you settle into your reclining chair, cozy in a blanket, immersed in the energies of the EE System. We open with prayer and swoon you deep into your heart space and feeling body with a wide variety of sound and songs. No two sessions are the same, as we draw upon our vast repertoire of instruments, soothing voices, medicine songs, and improvisational ability to call in the spirit of the moment. This is the ANCIENT FUTURE! 

We acknowledge the natural technology of humans as potent instruments (of music and energy). Authentic expression is medicine in a troubled world. Our songs and detailed attention to holding the space through sound is a balm for weary travelers on life's journey. There's so much out there that competes for both our attention and our sound-space! How special it is to give yourself time dedicated to passive listening to something actually focused on your well-being! THAT IS ALSO ENHANCED with the Energy Enhancement System technology!!

Our world today is full of energetic fields from technologies (such as cell towers, wifi, and even simple electronics) that affect the body's ability to hold a natural energetic charge. Our cells do not function optimally when our charge drops.

The EE System is a field generator that creates bio-active scalar fields that nullify detrimental frequencies (giving us a rest from them), and allows our cells to recharge. When our body is energized, it gets to work expelling (detoxing) toxins that we unfortunately pick up quite frequently from our environment, air, food, etc. 

Visit for an extensive list of videos to learn more.

In our experience (and research), there is a distinct energetic feeling within the EE System room that helps most people relax, and receive. While we play music we see the sea of faces begin to soften, jaws relaxing, into a palpable peace and calm. For many, this state of being is difficult to achieve in daily life. Experiencing the stress melt away is so beneficial. And then in the days following the session, there are other distinct feelings that we experience as our bodies let go of the toxins (there are salt bath protocols to follow) and hold a higher energetic charge. We are becoming familiar over time with a number of now common states such as an increase in energy, creative ideas blossoming, a calm and confident peace, and authentic excitement and positive moods.

Studies show increased hemi-coherence in the brain, cleaner and more oxygenated blood, reduced inflammation, and better sleep! Learn more at and

This combination of Sound & Light is providing enriching experiences and touching the hearts of many. (I am aware of sound events at many other EE System centers around the world too!) It's a really special way to experience the EE System technology. EE System sound healing journeys are where it's at!

Intentional sound and music gives the mind something to lightly focus on that shifts and changes...inspiring memories, thoughts, prayers, and feelings to flow freely as the spirit dances in timelessness. Normally, 2 hours may seem like a long time to be still and meditate, but when you are in these sessions time may feel quite different and you just might wish that it was not yet over. Not to worry though, we offer sessions each month! With new ideas brewing for more EE System sound healing events.

ee system sound healing AnSah Victoria BC Canada


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