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pyrite cubes

Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) is an exquisite example of iron crystallization that is very common in the Earth's crust, found in almost every possible geological environment. It is a polymorph of Marcasite, having the same chemical makeup but different structure, symmetry and shape. Pyrite forms many different awe-inspiring geometries, often assumed by those unaware to be carvings by the hand of man, including perfect cubes, sparkling clusters, various globs and 'pyrite suns' similar in shape and feel to sand-dollars.

The mineral is widely known as "fool's gold" due to its visual similarity to real gold. Upon physical inspection the two are easily distinguished, Pyrite being lighter and harder, and whose crystallization is well=known to crumble. From the Greek word 'Pyrites Lithos' meaning "stone which strikes fire", Pyrite got its name because sparks fly from it when struck with another mineral (best effects are with iron or steel).

This image of sparks flying from Pyrite imaginatively describes its energetic effect on the mind - sparking creative mental processes to life, opening us up to new ideas and helping us to hold our focus on our tasks. Pyrite calms overactive thought patterns, reducing anxiety and can help balance our intuitive creative impulses with grounded practical ones.

Meditating with Pyrite clears away fuzzy thinking and helps us move from scattered to grounded, feeling mentally stable with balanced emotions, easily able to access our memory and higher knowledge. It is associated with strong solar energy, masculine strength to empower logic and intellect while promoting positive thinking that burns away any feelings of inadequacy, thus boosting manifestation skills. Since ancient times, Shamans in North and South America use Pyrite in healing rituals, sometimes scrying with a polished mirror-like surface.

dodecahedral pyrite

Many crystal-workers admire Pyrite for developing and expanding creativity and awareness within our cognizant (clear knowing) psychic abilities. It imparts an energetic shield of protection that also aids the mending of the energy-body/aura as well. It helps keep out the negative vibrations of various pollutants at the physical level.

Use Pyrite to overcome lethargy. Physically, it is said to increase the oxygen supply to the blood and strengthen the circulatory and respiratory systems and that it is of benefit to bones, cells, RNA/DNA, as well as inflammation.

pyrite sphere

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